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Welcome to the HelloTranslate Installation Guide!

This guide will walk you through the process of setting up HelloTranslate within your Contentful space. With HelloTranslate, you'll unlock seamless content translation capabilities, allowing you to efficiently manage multilingual content.

The installation process consists of two key steps:

  • Getting started with HelloTranslate: We'll cover the two methods for installing the HelloTranslate app into your Contentful space.
  • Configuration: Here, you'll establish a secure connection between HelloTranslate and your Contentful space, define your default translation settings, and choose which content types display the HelloTranslate sidebar widget for quick translation initiation.

By following these steps, you'll be ready to leverage HelloTranslate's powerful features and begin translating your Contentful content with ease!

Getting started with HelloTranslate

You can install the HelloTranslate app into your Contentful space in two ways:

  • Direct installation:

    • Click this link to directly install the HelloTranslate app in your Contentful space.
  • Contentful Marketplace:

    • Visit the Contentful Marketplace and find HelloTranslate.
    • Follow the marketplace instructions for installation.


After authorizing access of the HelloTranslate app in your space, you'll see a configuration screen.

Connect to HelloTranslate

To start using HelloTranslate, you'll first establish a secure connection between your Contentful space and HelloTranslate.

  • Click the "Connect account" button.
  • Provide the following credentials. (If you don't have these, contact us in order to get you set up):
    • HelloTranslate Contentful plugin backend URL: This URL connects your Contentful space with the backend of the HelloTranslate app. This backend handles communication between Contentful and the translation engine.
    • HelloTranslate URL: This URL points to the central translation management system (the HelloTranslate Engine).
    • Username: This is your unique username for authenticating yourself on the HelloTranslate Engine
    • Password: The password associated with your HelloTranslate Engine username

After successfully connecting, you can proceed to configure your default settings.

Configure defaults

HelloTranslate offers default settings to streamline your translation workflow. These defaults can be customized here on the configuration screen, but remember, it is always possible to re-configure them later, and to override them when actually triggering a translation job using our app.

  • Project:

    • Select your default HelloTranslate project. Projects are how you organize and route translation work within the HelloTranslate Engine.
    • Projects typically correspond to different translation workflows. For example, a project might use machine translation for initial drafts, while another involves a human review step for final polish.
    • Your HelloTranslate administrator (that's us) can set up projects tailored to your needs and the language service providers you want to work with.
  • Translation job name:

    • Choose a default name used for new translation jobs.
    • You can still change this name for individual translation jobs later on.
  • Send all references recursively with entry:
    • Contentful allows you to link entries together as references, creating relationships between pieces of content. This setting determines if these referenced entries should automatically be included when you submit a parent entry for translation.
    • Toggling this ON means all linked references will also be translated.
    • Toggling this OFF means only the parent entry you selected will go for translation.
    • For more information, see Contentful's documentation on references.

Enable sidebar widget

To help you get set up quicker, it is possible to directly manage which content types in your space should display the HelloTranslate sidebar widget, straight from the configuration screen.


You might need to refresh the browser for the changes to take effect.

Finalize installation

Click "Install" in the top right corner to complete the setup.

You're all set to begin translating content with HelloTranslate! 🎉