If you're a Digital Agency,
we want to work with you!

HelloTranslate was created to simplify the process for companies that want to go global. Our marketplace features partners that wish to be connected with people and businesses expanding their global initiatives and want the latest technologies and services for their translation needs.

The reasons for becoming a HelloTranslate Partner are really straightfoward and signing up with us is easy.

Digital Agency Partner Benefits

1. Add multilingual capabilities to your current offering without the need to buy an expensive TMS.

2. Earn commission each time your client uses translation partners from the HelloTranslate Marketplace.

3. Use our Translation Development Kit to connect your client's digital tech stack with HelloTranslate marketplace.

4. Any connectors you feature in the HelloTranslate Marketplace earn commissions each time any client use them.

If you're a CMS Software Vendor,
we also want to work with you!

As software vendor you need to develop a ton of features including multilingual capabilities. But that's not all. You also need to partner with dozens of translation companies and translation tech providers – each of which need a connector into your CMS. All this development time building connectors is wasted as it brings you zero additional clients. Even worse, all these connectors are shaky and give a subpar experience to your clients.

Stop the madness!
Partner with HelloTranslate and those problems are solved!

CMS Software Vendor Benefits

1. Better localization experience for your clients.

2. Freedom of choice for your clients with localization technology and service providers.

3. No need to support dozens of different TMS or LSPs.

If you're a Language Service Provider,
we also want to work with you!

Offering a secure round trip with the right level of connectivity and automation to your clients is a daunting task for most LSP vendors. Developing a connector will cost you between 60-150K as a one off and at least 20% of that per year. And you never have the right one, have them all available for demo's, or have the right people that understand the technology available.

Partner with HelloTranslate and those problems are solved.

Language Service Provider Vendor Benefits

1. New leads through the HelloTranslate Marketplace.

2. Offer secure round trip to your client's systems to win more business.

3. Integrate other innovative localization technology into your workflow.

4. Save a lot of money in project management costs.

Read more about how our LSP Partner program works