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Translation Automation

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Translate 5

MittagQI provides Quality Informatics within the field of translation software development. By close and continuous collaboration with language service providers,…

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Kaleidoscope is a leading provider of both solutions and services for translation, terminology, connectivity, quality management, query and review management.…

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Translation Management System

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Acolad is the world’s leading partner for enterprise content lifecycles. For more than 30 years we have been helping organizations…

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Custom Machine Translation

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LocHub QA Insights

Website quality control

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Language solutions for artificial intelligence training.

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Connecting Content

Taking Your Content Global - with Kaleidoscope your product will speak every language! The combination of decades of expertise, our…

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Translation Automation

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World Translation A/S

At World Translation, we are professional language experts who are passionate about helping businesses communicate. And we have the competencies,…

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United Language Solution

Being a distinguished business name, we, United Language Solutions, situated at Ahmedabad, Gujarat, are enthusiastically involved in providing excellent language…

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How It Works

HelloTranslate technology is free. Just sign up to get started.

Once signed up with HelloTranslate, just pick the right supplier for your needs from our marketplace and agree to their contractual terms.

To begin the translation process, you can simply set up within HelloTranslate the content that needs translating and select the chosen supplier within the app.

If your preferred translation company is not on our marketplace, just ask them to sign up. We have not come across any translation vendor that doesn't like to work with HelloTranslate technology – and we're pretty sure yours won't either! And If they do, we have only one advise for you. RUN!!! The only reason a vendor would avoid HelloTranslate is to force you to use a subpar custom connector and locking you in for years to come.


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