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Sign Up for the Marketplace

Sign Up for the Marketplace

Advertising your company on the HelloTranslate Marketplace is free!

Inform your clients that you have connectors on the marketplace and may send content directly to you.

Your account is activated by signing our updated partner agreement. There is no upfront charge or monthly fee. Account activation is required to unlock the features of the HelloTranslate app and allow content to be received from clients.

Account activation will allow you to do the following:

  • Makes your company visible WITHIN the HelloTranslate app so clients can send content to you.
  • Integrate your CAT or TMS tool to complete your round trip. (We have a watch folder option so you don't need to integrate a CAT tool immediately).
  • Demonstrate connectors to your clients.

Support Options

We offer various levels of support:

  • We offer pre-sales support
  • We offer CAT tool integration support
  • We offer Connector development support
  • We offer connector implementation support

All support hours are charged at 100 EUR per hour (purchased upfront by a voucher). Minimum package is 4 hours.

Typical support questions and time:

  • I need support doing a Sitecore demo
    Estimate 2 hours (1 hour preparation, 1 hour meeting)
  • I need support integrating MemoQ or Translate 5
    Estimate 4 hours (1 hour intake, 1 hour explanation, 1 hour testing, 1 hour additional work)
  • My client wants to use your TDK to develop a custom connector an I need your guidance
    Estimate 8 hours (2 hours meeting with client, 4 hours joint development, 2 hours of testing)
  • I need to implement AEM at my client, but they have all kind of security questions
    Estimate 8 hours (explaining security, joining meetings, answering questions)

Whitelabel Service

Many LSP's love the automation capabilities of HelloTranslate and LocHub but don't want ports opened to other LSP's. Basically, they want to offer their own connector without developing one. We've got you covered!

Depending on the size of your company, we offer a whitelabeled version of HelloTranslate where you are the only recipient. The minimum committment for a small to medium size LSP starts at 50K EUR worth of words.

Support for Whitelabel Service is charged at 140 EUR per hour.

Become a Partner

We'd love to talk with you about signing up for the HelloTranslate Marketplace. Simply complete this form and a member of our team will contact you.