How It Works


Integrate your content directly into HelloTranslate using our Translation Development Kit (TDK).

Today's modern headless websites are hardly ever built with a single CMS. More often than not, your digital presence is a combination of at least 3 different systems. Integrating those into a Translation Management System can be a real crime.

Using HelloTranslate you can integrate your content with your favorite technology and build a web service capable of

  • delivering the metadata of your content
  • navigating your content repository
  • downloading your content
  • uploading translations

Your web service needs to expose only one endpoint and HelloTranslate will send JSON RPC requests to specify the operation to perform and its parameters.  Your web service will respond with a JSON RPC response describing the metadata of the content, delivering the binary content or simply confirm the translation creation.

If your system has normal API's, integrating your stack into our TDK will take you 2-3 days of development compared to the 60-100 days of development needed from your localization provider.

How is this possible? Very simple. We have developed dozens of connectors for localization providers, so we know this world inside out. The two biggest time consumers developing connectors are:

1. Understanding your system – 10-20 days of learning
2. Understanding your use case – 20-30 days

That's where the innovation of the HelloTranslate TDK comes in! You already understand your system and exact use; therefore, using the HelloTranslate TDK reduces development time from 60-100 days to only 2-3 days.

If our TDK documentation and boiler plate code is not enough to get going, you can always call support and we will happily guide you on your way for no charge. 

Get the Translation Development Kit

HelloTranslate has also partnered with several leading CMS systems, such as Acquia, Adobe, Drupal, Sitecore and Contentful to make it even easier to get started.

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Using the HelloTranslate Marketplace, choose the service you need.

If you are a large enterprise, you might want to add additional localization technology to complete your localization stack. Pick any additional technology from our Marketplace – we have CAT Tools, Terminology Management, Workflow, Project Management and more.

Go best of breed!

You may also work directly with the localization provider of choice and send content directly to them. We have over 90 translation companies on our Marketplace from which to choose. And, if your preferred LSP is not on our Marketplace list, just ask them to sign up and we will gladly add them.

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Step 3: Translate

Your translation tasks are performed automatically based on the parameters you set in the HelloTranslate dashboard.

Once you've integrated the HelloTranslate TDK and chosen your translation tech or provider, it's time to set the automation parameters. You may pick the right method based on your content type. Human (in the loop) translation for your most important content. Machine translation for large volumes of content.

The choice is yours!

Oh, and did we already mention that

HelloTranslate is Free!

Development Kit (TDK)


Automation Dashboard


CMS Connectors/Pluginsdeveloped in collaboration
with our partners


Yes, you read this right. HelloTranslate is free.

If you are an enterprise spending thousands, if not millions, on translation, HelloTranslate connector and middleware technology is free.

If you are a startup that is exploring global opportunities, HelloTranslate is free.

If you are a digital agency supporting your client's global initiatives, HelloTranslate is free.

Simply select the translation provider you wish to work with and agree to their contractual terms.

How is this possible?

It's simple. The providers on the marketplace have existing agreements with us. They already pay us to use our best-in-class connector and middleware technology so they can offer automation capabilities to their own clients. Hellotranslate will bring them more business which makes our connector technology even more attractive to them.

If your provider is not on the marketplace, you can simply ask them to sign up as partner. No translation provider should spend their scarce development resources developing connectors anyway. They should spent their time developing their magic sauce.


Say hello!

We'd love to help you get started. Simply complete the form and we'll schedule a 30 minute introduction call during which we will help you login to your tenant at and guide you through the most important features.

Please let us know if you have any specific interests, would like a TDK demonstration, questions about your CMS, explanation of the Marketplace or anything else.