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Category: Human Translation

Contact email: sales@ultralocalize.com


Ultra Localize is a language service provider (LSP) based in Cairo, Egypt. We provide all types of linguistic services, in addition to all supporting services needed. Our main scope of services includes localization, translation, linguistic quality assurance (LQA), multilingual desktop publishing (DTP), and optical character recognition (OCR), among other services.

Offered Services: Ultra Localize is a full-service language service provider, which means we handle your content from A to Z; producing a final version in the target language. This includes all phases, from files preparation, technical processing, localization engineering, translation, revision and editing, graphic design and editing, and any type of processing needed to get your project perfectly done. In Ultra Localize, our only goal is to always provide the perfect language service at the highest quality, in the shortest time, and at the lowest cost. What makes us unique and different from the rest of other translation companies in Egypt and the MENA region, is that we regard our clients as partners. Our constant quest is to be the long-term success partner of global and regional business entities and corporations who aspire to hit success in the MENA region market, and the whole world as well. Whatever is your need, whatever is your delivery timeframe, and whatever is your available budget, we can definitely find a way together to get your job done the best way possible. And with our unique project management approach, and our continuous informed follow up with our partners, you always know what you are expecting.

Technology: CAT Tools SDL Trados

Language Supported: English <> Arabic French <> Arabic