HelloTranslate is the next
innovation of
Xillio Labs.

HelloTranslate is essentially the combination of 3 award-winning Xillio Labs innovations plus the Translation Development Kit (TDK) – it's icing on the cake!

  • 1. Xillio API (Gartner Cool Vendor 2017) is used as content middleware
  • 2. LocHub (LocWorld Process Innovation Challenge Winner 2018) as translation middleware
  • 3. LocHub QA Insights (LocHub Process Innovation Challenge Winner 2020) as crawler technology

Our background story is really simple.

The HelloTranslate Marketplace concept and the focus on ease of use came from own experience. The team at Xillio wanted more leads. So, we looked at our leads and 97% came from US, Canada, Australia, UK and Netherlands. Guess what? Xillio.com is only in Dutch and English.

We wanted to test our hypothesis that if we translated into German and French we would significantly increase leads from those countries. We called a few translation companies, but we got nowhere. We got many lessons on why human translation is better, but no solution for our problem. We wanted it fast, cheap, easy and we wanted to try it out first with Machine Translation (MT). We then tried to get a translation solution for our Hubspot website on the Hubspot marketplace, but were first forced to buy a very expensive Translation Management System before we would get anywhere.

We saw the gap in the market.

A translation solution for BUSINESS minded IT and Marketing people that is very easy to use – allowing you to start the globalization journey with little effort and help you to grow in that journey.

Inspiration for the HelloTranslate TDK
The idea for the TDK came from own experience. LocHub is used by localization departments at enterprises and by localization providers that want to offer connectors. And, we get a ton of connector requests from localization companies. LocHub has about 17 connectors, but there are about 8,000 digital platforms; therefore, we had to say no a lot.

We also got many requests to built a custom connector. Our typical answer to a request for a custom connector was that the minimum cost would be 30K EUR, but often exceeded 60K EUR. Much too expensive for most clients. Unfortunately, we could not see a way around these high development costs due to time required to understand the API code of the source, and time to understand and build the localization use case.

Both problems could be solved by collaborating closely with the digital developer at the client. But, for various reasons, localization companies were often hesitant to introduce a technical partner.

So, we decided to make a TDK to solve these issues. We added boiler plate code and excellent documentation which resulted in reduction in development time of a new connector to only 2-3 days!


Say hello!

We'd love to help you get started. Simply complete the form and we'll schedule a 30 minute introduction call during which we will help you login to your tenant at HelloTranslate.com and guide you through the most important features.

Please let us know if you have any specific interests, would like a TDK demonstration, questions about your CMS, explanation of the Marketplace or anything else.